The Pandora Necklace is a signature handmade piece from the Sorrel & Trace collection. Pandora is a solid sterling silver pendant with a subtle patina, a luscious draped texture, and a cascade of chain. It incorporates an adjustable neck chain that can be worn at four lengths. The chain length ranges from 9 to 24 inches.


This piece is patinated to create a colour contrast and then sealed. The sealer goes a long way towards protecting the patina, but over time the piece will age and respond to wear, creating a patina that is unique to you. Feel free to polish the silver, but understand that you may have to go through the sealer to do so.

Pandora Necklace

  • Just like many of the natural elements that inspire them, my pieces can have delicate components. I work hard to ensure that my design will withstand normal wear, but some of them are vulnerable to rough handling. Please treat them with care to ensure their continued condition. For further information about patina care see the item description.