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Growing up I was fortunate to live in a variety of environments. I have vivid memories of scrambling through the underbrush of lush rainforest, hiking alpine meadows and burrowing my hands in the cool, damp pebbles of a pacific coast beach. I reveled in the tannic zing of salal leaves and the tart crunch of wild rose hips. I was captivated by the snapping of grasshoppers and the pin-prick array of dimples under a water-strider’s legs.


Nature to me was raw, rough and vital. I found myself drawn more to the swooping bats and trailing lichen than the flowers and birds. The stink of skunk cabbage and the burn of a stinging nettle were integral to my beloved environment.


That experience of immersion informs my creative practice. The immediacy of the materials guides me.


The world I see is so full of beauty. This jewelry collection is an attempt to express and share some of the beauty that is gifted to me every day.

About - The Inspiration

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